Digital Content/Training Evaluation

Do you want to find out the effectiveness of your training?

Wondering if your learning material will meet your learning objectives?

Measure, Diagnose and Evaluate Your Digital Content

Before you choose a course or training material, it's imperative to make sure it fits your needs. Inaccurate or ineffective learning material can make your learners frustrated and create a negative impact on their career.

That's why we always recommend you to evaluate your digital content or training material before implementation. We provide professional content evaluation services based on recognized techniques and technology to help you choose the right material for your needs. And the right material translates to enhanced learning outcomes, cost savings and maximum utilization of your learner's time.


Our evaluation uses the internationally-recognized 'Objectives X Treatment matrix' developed by eLearning expert Michael Allen. This gives us the perfect tool to measure how good an eLearning course, material, or content really is. 



Understand the objectives of the learning program.



Dive deep into the e-learning context and interactions used in the course or content.



Determine the genres involved in the course and pit them up against 129 data points. This tells us if your course or content really meets the standards and learning objectives.

Impactful Learning Experience

We put a strong emphasis on the learner experience and try to find out if the course design is able to enhance it.

Validate Any Content Type

We can use our evaluation for any training material including videos, gamification, animations, digital content and more!

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