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Excellent learning approach for short attention span learners

Byte-sized learning content for better retention 

In general, your employees get bored and not paying enough attention on the training because of its lengthy duration. Microlearning will be a suitable solution for better learning engagement and retention. Byte-sized learning nuggets can be consumed quickly and supports multi-device and multi-platform.

We offer a wide range of microlearning solutions, such as:

• Short videos
• Focus Points (Flash Cards)
• Infographics
• Whiteboard Animations
• Podcasts
• Emailers
• How-to Guides
• Short Stories
• Nice to Know Information
• FAQs
• Short Interviews
• Roleplay Videos

Why Do You Need Microlearning?

Improve Learning Retention

Get easy access of learning bytes round the clock and encourage employees to apply the learnings on spot

Enhance Productivity

Train new hires and upskill existing employees by continuous training using small learning units 

Promote Informal Training

Encourage employees to continue learning even after formal training sessions

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